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EuroAgro-Alga Ltd.

EuroAgro-Alga Ltd. has been since 2006, the company supplies high-yielding dairy breeding cattle (Holsteins, simmentals and others), meat and dairy and beef breeds, as well as goats, sheep and horses, embryos and semen. We guarantee high quality cattle. Deliveries are made from the best breeding farms and complexes. Our group of companies has put the cattle in the economy of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Mordovia and Tatarstan, Perm and Stavropol Territory, Vladimir, Volgograd, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk region and many other regions of Russia as well as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Our company, as a supplier of agricultural animals, accredited by the JSC "Rosselkhozbank", Sberbank, ROSAGROLEASING drugth and financial institutions.

We use the quarantine area of ​​the leading European partners. During preventive and diagnostic measures and treatment of cattle use the services of the state and accredited veterinarians and laboratories. All activities in the foreign quarantine areas are under current regulations. .

We employ highly qualified experts with knowledge of foreign languages. We have close contacts with leading research institutions, foreign companies and government agencies responsible for matters of animal husbandry and livestock breeding.

The company's specialists advise and help on matters of procurement, import and selection of livestock, insurance, finance, credit, foreign trade, economy, transport, the construction of livestock farms, the purchase and installation of equipment, housing, feeding, reproduction and other matters.

The company helps when you make extracts from the breeding registry, registration of veterinary permits, visas, as well as customs clearance.

We offer you the supply of breeding heifers of Holstein breed, black-and red-motley motley color with the following productivity indicators:

  • yield mothers adjusted to 305 days of lactation should satisfy at least one of the following: at first lactation least 6000 liters or second at least 7000 liters or third lactation at least 9000 liters of milk;
  • the minimum fat content of mothers' milk is not less than 3.7%, the minimum protein content of the mother's milk is not less than 3.2%;
  • age at the time of calving heifers from 24 to 28 months, the pregnancy at the time of selection of 3 to 6 months. Approximate weight of the animals of 450-550 kg.

All the expenses for the stay of representatives of the buyer selects the cattle and the Russian veterinarian, including quarantine time, in a country where livestock is shipped, the supplier is paid. Provided specialist in animal husbandry and foreign languages ​​to assist in the selection, support groups, and address emerging issues.

Supplied cattle insured for the journey and for a period of 30 days of quarantine in Russia on mortality risk, forced slaughter, and abortion.

At the delivered cattle buyers are tribal certificates confirming pedigree and ancestry for three generations. Professional drivers have the skills to care for animals.

For a foreign experience with highly productive cattle, new technologies and blanks feed feeding livestock and other issues, we organize training agrotury to travel to the European farm, America, Asia and Australia. Our company has special discounts on airfare and hotels, which can significantly reduce travel costs.



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